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  • Equipment with lift-gates.
  • Experienced and professional drivers in uniform.
  • 100% reliability.
  • Non-stop service for high value security loads.
  • Dedicated Service options.
  • Direct Booking capabilities.
  • Automated tracking.
Transportation Services

Local P&D

When you need reliability, non-stop service for security on high value items and can’t afford costly delays or loss, mishandling or your freight, or it requires special handling, you cannot beat selecting a dedicated service option. You can generate pickups and Tracking with Global Net logistics Direct Online bookings or simply email or call one of our Logistics specialists.

Whether your shipment is large or small, going to warehouses or manufacturing facilities, or meeting an international flight, we can provide the service you need. We provided services for many different industries including but not limited to Automotive, Aerospace, Medical, and Manufacturing.

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